About Parrhesia

Parrhesia expresses the consciousness of the foundation of democracy as bold, true, “fearless” speech; about, aroundYear 450 BC..

Parrhesia.no provides insight into ancient ideas of leadership, knowledge and formation – and how to take advantage of it in a modern context. It was not by chance that they formed our cultural cradle. The knowledge they possessed at the time represents a development tool today, but is little known.

Parrhesia principles are not included today in public school education as a natural part of the formation process that will lead to collaborative citizens with democratic mindsets.
If society’s goals are development, development and social development, it will be necessary to understand how the “democratic culture” is the strongest developmental culture. Then it becomes an educational necessity to have knowledge of the history and the formation of concepts that pave the way to a developing society.

Besides, it’s an amazing and fascinating history!