An Exiting World

To find insight into a Greek god.

Ares was the god for war, anger, revenge, cruelty, spontaneity, unpredictability, short thought and foolishness. He represented the nature of war, waiting to hit. But, it was not the physical war he was the figure of. He represented the warlike human side. In us “he” always lurks and is present everywhere, although being the least popular of the gods.

People have always known that their existence and society may be over tomorrow. We live with this in mind. But we “struggle on” think positively, have plans for the future, start up family, and hope everyone is healthy and well. When we lose someone who is close to us, our world changes and breaks down for a while, before the small daily meanings and perspectives come forth again, and pass away the more existential ones.

It’s an exciting world. The situation in the world today, between east, west and south, is like between Athens, Sparta and Thebes for about 2500 years ago. Since then, Ares has rested in Europe for only short periods of time. As civilized, we leave the responsibility to our leaders and media building enemy images, being the tool of power. The allies conduct rhetoric, increase military power and show strength, well aware that measurement of strength requires two sides. The other party is in the same way.
The common people’s discernment about “again” to start something against those we’ve worked with before, which we have had a viable relationship with. The same fact that the other side has done something we can not allow. It applies to both sides and follows a causal carousel from back in this passage for almost 30 years.
If Ares rules, it’s not just a bottomless grief for all who are going to be killed. But, there is probably no one left to cry either. It is a kind of comfort, for Ares’s children are Deimos/ horror, and Fobos/fear.

“The warrior” is committed not only between states, but everywhere there are people. There are interpersonal powers, and Ares lives in all of us. But, it is the other forces (the gods) that is prosperous, that brings peace and wisdom.

But, what should I do next time Ares wants to help me? Next time somebody makes injustice, talks badly, is arrogant, doing slander, threatening, pushing, striking, or hitting any of my closest? Yes, then I take my helmet and go to war. Or is Ares going to sleep, and me a pitiful figure? I will not be the one I want to be; being friends with Ares.