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The “Steps to Athens” is a democratic “pilgrim”-project

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The photo is from the Plataea plain, at the beginning of a 43 km walk to Athens. The plain at the slope of Mt. Kithaeron was where the allied Greeks defeated the Persians in 479 BC. 

All tours are private: Book flights and hotels, but please contact. We meet in Athens / airport. (Non Travel Guarantee Fund)

Prior to the tours, you get a full-text pdf.

To give you some idea of “where and how”: This is the Hotel Philoxenia where we stay when we are in Thebes, Boiotia:;label=gog235jc-hotel-XX-gr-philoxeniaNtheba-unspec-no-com-L%3Ano-O%3AwindowsS10-B%3Achrome-N%3AXX-S%3Abo-U%3AXX-H%3As;sid=3d1854f25b422ac2b8976b245c5c3828;dist=0&sb_price_type=total&type=total&


-“It was a fantastic trip last year and I want to join again”
-“I think this was a very rewarding trip. A social trip where you get to know both your common travelers and Persians, Spartans, Greeks, Philosophers and Greek gods. One became familiar with all the others through common dinners and collections of some beers. Greece is amazing and getting to know more about what happened 2300-2800 years ago is incredibly rewarding when you are there all happened. A different experience with a knowledgeable and committed travelguide”.
-“An important experience from this trip was to discover how relevant the ancient Greeks’ knowledge of society is for the time we live today.” 
-“The trip to Greece along with Anders as a tour guide was exciting and rich. He is knowledgeable and conveyed the information in a great way.” The end of the trip to the Acropolis was just top. “



Athens- Delphi

This trip is to to set and discuss the questions of being a cultural human being; in society, and as individual. With us on the trip, we have the Evripides play “Ion”, which puts a critical light on religion and the democratic culture; “In Apollon`s Cave”


Download: About Evripides “Ion”: In Apollons cave

Video: “Ion”; Creusa in the Apollon cave on

The play in text: “Ion”:

Plataea – Athens / Marathon 2019

Download: Trip to Marathon 2019
Download program: Plataea Marathon programme 2019
For businesses and individuals / private
For participantship, price depends on number of persons. For 10 persons its 400 euros pr. person. Your total cost depends a bit on the tickets you order yourself. Tips for overview of flights:

Take part in a bit of our culture’s most important story: This trip “from Plataea to Marathon” focuses on the knowledge and attitudes underlying democracy’s development, where democracy was co-determination and participation. Here there was an expectation that man were capable. One day: Walk over 4 miles, from Plataea to north Athens; Elefsina / Eleusis. Transport if desired where you are waiting in Elefsina, the city with a death-cult.

With the physical presence in this cultural and historical core area of ​​development towards our cultural cradle, thinking and history are presented. The history is dramatic There will be lectures and visits to the absolute starting point of our culture.

Goal of the trip:
– Have a good insight into ancient culture; Thinking about communication and development. – Get an understanding of how this is relevant to individual, politics, business, school and society also today.

“As a self-appointed expedition doctor on pilgrimage in ancient Greece, it was great to go long walks in historical nature, at summer temperatures around 25-30 degrees. My bag were a little heavy, but I had secured me by sending the bag of taxi on the longest trip, instead of carrying everything on my back. We got liquid and salt, and when someone emptied themselves, they  chilled their heads with cold water and with cold water bottles on the sides of the neck to cool the blood to the head.
Some people were mire fit than others, and for my part, I had a victory against my odds. I recommend to wear slim socks and sneakers. A different style than cabin-to-cabin on the mountaion with the Norwegian Tourist Association. I was not prepared for the feet to swell in the heat, and one of the experienced Greece connoisseurs recommended tight socks that marathon runners use. We’ll get that next time!
Sincerely, General Practitioner i medicine.